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SJ Diamond World™ Founded & Owned by Musician Turend Entrepreneur , LIGHTWORKER Saaniya Jackson

Who is  Believer of spiritual world too & wanted to share a world where everyone can easily find their 

need of stone.


Nowadays the demand of Gemstones , Moissanite Diamond & Healing Crystals are on peek so as dupes and high price . 


We wanted to give our clients the best Natural , Untreated , Unheated Product yet affordable whatever their price range . 


Gemstones and Diamonds ,Crystals or Rudraksha is  Nature Gifted Natural Stones / wood on our Planet . Most gemstones form in the Earth's crust, approximately 3 to 25 miles beneath the Earth's surface. only Diamonds located more deeper in earth . And the powerful rudraksha found on Trees . 


Unheated , Untreated Without Chemicals Stones / crystals / Rudraksha are the best thing you can have . They always beneficial for your purposes and naturally energized by the goodness of nature . 

But nowadays , people selling treated , heated stones in the market .heat decrease or kill the value, power and energies . Wearing a treated stone will do nothing for your purposes .


So many people become fooled by buying piece of glass in the name of Diamond  So as in Rudraksha people end up buying the Dupe & Toxic Bhadraksha .


That is why we build SJ Diamond World to give you the A+++ Quality & Value In your price with the 100 % authenticity 


You can trust us with close eyes in the quality and price range . We assure you to provide Gemstones /Crystals /. Diamond Or Rudraksha from their Native Area (where they actually found/Born) and bring it to you . The quality of a Original Gemstone Crystals ,Diamond or Rudraksha is immense and so powerful . 


We want you to enjoy the luxury & originality of your stone so that you can trust your stone like your best friend , that's why we added Certification Program with India's Most Prestigious Geological Labs To Bring You A Certificate Of Originality & Quality Without any worry . 


We also add Astrological Consultations for those who are confused or don't know how to choose their lucky stone / crystal or rudraksha . 

Our Experts will guide you the suitable stone according to your Kundali or DOB . 


Easy Payment & Fast Shipping is our first priorty 



A great range of products that you need and trust with originality assurity of authenticity will make you fall in love with our each products 


We will promise you to keep adding more amazing products in future . 



SJ Diamond World™ 


Saaniya Jackson 

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