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crystal & healing 


Wealth Gentrator

Pyrite is believed to symbolize the Sun. It is believed to shield from negative energies and has preventive qualities. Price : 999/- Origin : Peru

Peace Generator ( 2 Inch)

Angelite is believed to be a symbol of communication of love and light. It is believed to help in spiritual journeys, dispel fear, anger and encourages forgiveness. Price : 1551/-

Love Booster

Rose Quartz is related to Heart (Anahata) Chakra. It is believed to be ‘Love Stone’. Price : 1551/- Origin : Brazil


AMAZONITE APPROX. 3/4″-1.5″ Amazonite is believed to be an inspiration Stone. It is believed to stimulate both sides of brain and balance feminine and masculine energies. It is believed to increase will power, communication skills, trusting behavior, intuitive perceptions and reasoning 2 Tumble : 999/-

Pyrite Tumble

Pyrite increases oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the respiratory and circulatory systems 2 Tumble : 999/-

Apatite Tumble

Apatite is believed to be high heart center opener and helps one to be more kind, helpful and friendly. It is believed to help unconditional acceptance of circumstances and people. 2 Tumble : 1450/-

Angelite Tumble

Angelite is believed to be a symbol of communication of love and light 2 Tumble : 1551/-

Honey Citrine Top Quality Tumbled Stone

Citrine is related to Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra. It is believed to be a stone of success, prosperity and abundance. It is believed to help reduce fear and anxiety. It is believed to promote mental and emotional clarity. 1 Tumble : 900/- (max order approx 5 pcs)

Kambaba-Jasper Tumble

Kambaba Jasper has a number of interesting metaphysical properties, and is a favorite for meditators and auric cleansers. The stone can align your chakras and improve the flow of money. 1 Tumble : 900/- Approx 2 Tumble Order

Malachite Tumble

Malachite is believed to be a stone of transformation. It is believed to release suppressed emotions and facilitate insight. It is believed to release tensions and brings balance and concentration 2 Tumble : 2550/-

Lepidolite Tumble

Lepidolite is believed to open crown chakra and bring cosmic awareness. It is believed to release stress, depression, anxiety, addiction and promotes inner peace and restful sleep. 2 Tumble : 1551/-

Mookaite  Jasper

Mookaite is believed to help in acceptance of change and moving forward in life. It is believed to help deal with negative situations, decision making and act as emotional shield against danger 2 Tumble : 1200/-


7 chakra tumble kit

price : 800/-


Price : 1250/-

Wooden Box 7 Chakra Kit

Price : 1990/-


Karuna Reiki symbols are unique and powerful tools for healing, intuition, and spiritual growth, differing from Usui Reiki symbols in their purpose and energy. These symbols allow practitioners to access different forms of the source of life force energy, providing a more powerful and transformative healing experience Price : 1991/-


Black Tourmaline is believed to protect all kind of negativity. It is believed to strengthen and balance body and spirit. It is believed to enhance vision, creativity and inspirational power Price : 1200/-

Complete 25 Rune Kit Obsidian

rune believed to be one of the most powerful protection symbols By absorbing negative energies, it alleviates worries and tensions Price : 1250/-


Aromatherapy Bundle ( Soy Wax)

7 Chakra Invoking Kit & Chakra Stones . Designed To Heal & Ease Emotions , Insomnia & Anxiety . With The Power Of Natural Essential Oils Price : 2200/-

Root Chakra - मूलाधार चक्र With Red Jasper

Designed To Invoke Root or Muladhara Chakra is related to instinct, survival and also to basic human potentiality. Physically, Muladhara governs sexuality. Mentally, it governs stability. Emotionally, it governs sensuality and spiritually, it governs a sense of security and grounding. Muladhara chakra brings us health, prosperity, security and dynamic presence. Oriented to self preservation. Essential Oil : Ceder & Clove Price : 330/-

Sacral / स्वाधिष्ठान With Peach Moonstone

Design To Invoke Sacral Chakra Sacral or Swadhisthana chakra is our passion and pleasure centre. Swadhisthana chakra allows us to experience this moment as it is, in its own fullness. Price : 330/- Essential Oil : Ylang Ylang , Sandalwood

Solar Plexus / मणिपुर चक्र With Yellow Aventurine

Manipura chakra involves fear, anxiety, opinion, freedom, control, introversion and transformation from simple emotions to complex Price : 330/- Essential Oil : Lavender & Rosemary

Heart/ अनाहत With Green Aquamarine

related to complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, equilibrium, rejection and well being. Physically, Anahata governs circulation. Emotionally, it governs unconditional love for the self and others Price : 330/- Essential Oils : Rose , Geranium

Throat - विशुद्धि With Lapis

speech and self expression. Physically, Vishuddha governs communication. Emotionally, it governs independence. Mentally, it governs fluent thought and spiritually, it governs a sense of security. Price : 330/- Essential Oils : Neroli , Sage

Third Eye - आज्ञा चक्र With Grey Agate

brow chakra is related to psychic abilities and imagination. Price : 330/- Essential Oil : Jasmine , Vetiver

Crown-सहस्त्रार with Amethyst

symbolized by a lotus with one thousand petals. Sahasrara Chakra is our connection with divine spirit, the inflow of our soul energy Price : 330/- Essential Oil : frankincense , Oilbanum

PEACE PILLAR Candle With Mantra

O God, may there be peace in the sky and in space. May there be peace on land and in the waters. May all personifications of God brings us peace. May God bring us peace. May there be peace throughout the world. May the peace be peaceful. May God give me such peace also. Price : 1551/-

Manifest Money Candle

Manifest your wealth dream with dollar candle! Price : 799/-

Wealth Attraction

Price : 700/-

Evil Eye Destroyer Candle

Price : 330/-

Pentacle Protector Candle

Price : 1250/-

Luxury Gift Collection Votive

Price : 2200/-

California White Sage

Cleansing and purification Price : 1400/-

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